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20 Questions with Richard Lewis

Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Redwood Services

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20 Questions with Aaron Lee

Founder and CEO of

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20 Questions with Tom Howard

Owner of Lee’s Air Heating and Plumbing

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20 Questions with Aaron Gaynor

Owner of Eco Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC Technicians

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20 Questions with Jamie Vaughn

Owner of Jay’s Heating, Air & Plumbing




Spice Up Your Small Talk For The Holidays

Often you'll find yourself speaking with people you've never met before, talking about the weather, because that's an easy topic for small talkers (that's you). Arm yourself with a little trivia and entertain everyone you talk with at your upcoming holiday parties this season.

The World’s Shortest Marketing Plan Goes A Long Way

A major drawback to most marketing plans is their complexity and length. Guy Kawasaki pointed Terry Tanker to The World's Shortest Marketing Plan by Kelly Odell, senior vice president/head of marketing, TeliaSonera AB.

Celebrating Success

Recognizing accomplishments motivates employees.

Bad Advertising

Advertising is a solution in search of a problem. The good news is contractors are advertising, but the execution stinks.





Encompass Supply Chain Solutions Launches Integration With Mr. Appliance®

With this collaboration, Encompass will be seamlessly integrated into Mr. Appliance’s SmartParts system, allowing Mr. Appliance franchise locations to effortlessly find and purchase the precise parts they need from a trusted and reliable supplier.

METUS Homeowners Survey

More than Half of U.S. Homeowners Ranked Government Incentives as One of Their Top Reasons for Considering Installing a Heat Pump, According to Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC Survey

Budderfly and Fujitsu General America Partner to Scale Energy Efficiency

Under the terms of the agreement, Budderfly will leverage Fujitsu’s VRF systems as the core component for its Ultra High Performance HVAC architecture.

Danfoss: Radical rethinking on energy efficiency needed by leaders at COP28

One of the most crucial keys to meeting climate goals will be energy efficiency as it is the single largest measure the world can take to reduce energy demand