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SUCCESSWARE Advanced Software Technology

More Business Solutions for Home Service in One Integrated Design

Originally published
Originally published: 11/1/2022

Successware is a contractor-founded business and field service management software. Founded in the early 1990s by Phil DiRe, Successware was created, developed, and programmed to help his family's residential heating and air business run more efficiently. Born into a family of contractors, DiRe had a deep understanding of contractors’ needs, so he set out to create a platform to manage and grow businesses in the home service industry.

Today, Successware stands out from the others for its outstanding accounting functionality, customer service software, and direct accessibility within the platform. As the leading all-in-one business solutions software, there is never a need for add-ons or separate software purchases. 

Successware’s accounting segment was developed to fully integrate accounting workflow into the platform – invoices, pricebooks, and general ledgers – to offer a streamlined all-in-one system. Developed as a simple platform with advanced functionality, it offers options other software platforms cannot like the ability to house agreements and defer revenue to the proper period. The integrated customer relationship management software (CRM) helps our clients easily maintain prospects and current customers. Successware is preferred by contractors for its ability to reduce administrative time for technicians and streamline the workflow, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Why are the cloud and digitizing businesses important for contractors?

Some businesses still get by with traditional hosting, adhering to the adage if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But technology isn’t only about fixing, it’s about solutions. Traditional servers are generally hard-wired, in a fixed location. If the server goes down or is hacked, access to your business data and the ability to book jobs or dispatch technicians to appointments is compromised. This can lead to a loss in revenue. The cloud offers more which is why it’s becoming the popular choice for contractors.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting 

Scalability: Scalability means you can increase or decrease resources – bandwidth, storage, RAM, and more – based on overall usage. Scaling can be done quickly, with little to no downtime or disruption to your daily business. Scaling with a physical server is expensive and can take weeks or months to complete. Hosting companies typically have the infrastructure for the cloud, allowing for a simpler transition. 

Data Security: With cyber threats more common, businesses must choose the right hosting platform to ensure data security. Cloud hosting offers more data security than traditional hosting and can be more cost-effective. 

Data Recovery: Another unparalleled benefit is access to data backup and disaster recovery measures. The cloud is connected to various nationally located servers, so data is copied, backed up, and archived onto remote servers. The chances of data being lost are almost nil.

Updated Technology: Cloud-hosting companies constantly update and replace servers due to normal wear and tear. Consumers can then benefit by leveraging the latest technology and increased performance and efficiency. With traditional servers, updating is a time-consuming, expensive endeavor.  

Successware will help you ditch the paper and migrate job folders, forms, and customer records to our platform and Successware Mobile. 

Below are a few benefits of digitizing:

Cost Effectiveness: Transitioning to digital reduces operating costs. The money saved can be reallocated toward training, technology, and other costs. 

Efforts and Resources: Ensure technicians are on board to learn a new way of navigating digital forms and applications by utilizing Successware’s essential resources, video training, and excellent customer service to assist with the transition. 

Saving Time and Efficiency: Employees manage their workflow on the digital platform more effectively. And the move to an eco-friendly workplace means the mobile applications house all documents in the cloud, providing technicians easy retrieval on-site and the ability to email forms directly to customers in real-time. 

How does Successware increase top-line revenue?

Upselling to current customers is easier than acquiring new ones. Successware provides state-of-the-art sales tools with our Mobile solution. On-site, technicians can offer homeowners good, better, and best solutions to issues. If a homeowner chooses not to pursue a repair, the technician can send their information to the back-office application, allowing CSRs and Comfort Consultants to follow up later.

How does Successware decrease expenses?

Successware is the only digitizing platform on the market that provides this advanced all-in-one solution with no need for additional accounting, dispatch, or add-on software. 

What operational efficiencies do you maximize?

Digital Forms: Successware facilitates communication between the technician and the office with our Customized Forms feature. Digital information is accessible as soon as the appointment ends with no need to manually transcribe the information, eliminating errors, extra time, and effort, and allowing for more specific and thorough follow-up on potential sales opportunities. Digital forms are stored safely with no opportunity for them to be misplaced, torn, or damaged like paper forms. Plus, a paperless process is better for the environment!

Our design tool offers a robust selection to build any customized form style or template, including:

• Membership Forms
• Inspection Reports
• Proposals & Contracts
• Checklists
• Disclosures
• Service Agreements
• Customer Surveys
• Standard Safety Forms

Once forms are created, technicians can easily retrieve them even while on-site. Custom forms are accessible via the technician’s workflow without ever leaving the application. 

Other advantages include:

•  Search tools for past forms, customer names, or job
• The ability to add pictures
• On-site customer signature creation
•  PDF file forms generation and emailing

Payment Processing: Successware’s unique all-in-one platform and its Successware Payments segment facilitate faster payment. Technicians can send payment links from the field using Successware Mobile and accept credit card and ACH payments before leaving the job. 

Payment automation, digital invoice creation in a few clicks, and the option to email or text a payment link to the homeowner allow for a more efficient, integrated workflow and better payment monitoring. Also, with Successware Payments, your customers will want to say YES to more. Our built-in consumer financing, available both on the platform and the app, offers the most competitive rates to help homeowners say yes to high-dollar projects.

Successware’s integrated platform design means more effective management solutions, more efficiency, and more sales opportunities, so you can do more business!

FOLLOW UP: Interested in learning more about how the cloud and digitizing your business with Successware can help increase top-line revenue and maximize operational efficiencies? Visit today to schedule a demo. 

Connect with Chris O'Grady at or  443-691-4882


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