Company Culture

Redefining Company Culture in a Virtual Age

The rules are changing, and here’s what’s new.

Originally published Published: 06.01.24 Author By Will Merritt

Company Culture Starts at the Top

If you want your company’s culture to improve, you’ll have to start with yourself.

Originally published Updated: 04.29.24 Author By Taylor Hill and Carter Harkins

Prioritize Events That Show Your Team Love

Company Culture vs. Financials

As part of your growth and success plan, make time to schedule events that support a thriving company culture.

Originally published Published: 01.02.24 Author By Richard Lewis

Improving Staff Retention with Authentic Appreciation

An insightful article on how authentic appreciation of employees makes a difference in employee retention.

Originally published Published: 11.01.23 Author By Kasee Hamilton Author By Paul White, Ph.D.

Team Building Tips to Prepare for the Busy Season - Part 2 of the Series

More team-building tips to help your company be prepared for the busy season.

Originally published Published: 09.01.23 Author By Justin Carrol

Team Building During the Busy Season

Team building during the busy season boosts morale and leads to success.

Originally published Published: 08.01.23 Author By Justin Carrol

Don't Let Your Key Employees Jump Ship

Prather explains how to keep your best employees to enhance your company’s legacy.

Originally published Published: 04.01.23 Author By Keven Prather

Invest in Team Members to Conquer Employee Turnover

The importance of investing in your employees as well as your business capital to increase employee retention

Originally published Published: 02.01.23 Author By Chris Koch

Tips to Motivate Your Team After the Holidays

If you find your team is lacking in motivation after the holidays, follow these helpful tips to increase productivity

Originally published Published: 01.01.23 Author By HVACR Business Staff

Tribal Culture – Why It Matters in the HVACR Industry

Tips for creating a positive company culture in HVACR

Originally published Published: 09.01.22 Author By Erica Estes

The Many Benefits of Building a Family Brand

Nearly every company we can think of has a brand that communicates its culture and mission. But chances are, most of us have never considered what our family’s culture is …

Originally published Published: 06.27.22 Author By Keven Prather

Invest in Your Company Culture

While the demands on leadership may be more urgent during times of crisis and change, the principles involved remain the same.

Originally published Published: 10.01.21 Author By David Indursky

Creating a Culture of Accountability

When it comes to choosing the right software for your company, you need to consider several factors that complement your business obligations.

Originally published Published: 10.01.21 Author By Eric Knaak

Create a Culture of Safety

All employees should keep safety top of mind for the good of themselves, your customers and your company.

Originally published Published: 05.11.21 Author By Eric Knaak

The Ingredients of Culture

The person at the top must inspire and guide the organization in the right direction.

Originally published Published: 03.08.21 Author By Jodie Deegan

Establish an Appropriate Company Culture

Culture is the heart and soul of any organization — it’s how things are done and what is expected of all team members.

Originally published Published: 01.08.21 Author By Eric Knaak

Establish Culture of Social Responsibility

Being a good corporate citizen impacts your bottom line in a positive way.

Originally published Published: 11.06.20 Author By Kelly Borth

A Purpose-Driven Culture is Essential to Company Success

Making time to sit down and think about a long-term mission is a vital first step toward infusing the company with a culture of purpose.

Originally published Published: 05.01.15 Author By Kenneth Goodrich

3 Keys to Successful Team Building

Team building is based on identifying and separating tasks, then assigning those tasks to the individuals who are best trained and skilled to perform them. Here are three keys that …

Originally published Published: 07.01.13 Author By Steve Schmidt

How Leadership Drives Your Company’s Vision

To be an effective leader, you must understand motivation. You cannot motivate people, but you can create an environment where motivated people will want to come to work and thrive.

Originally published Published: 04.01.13 Author By Wade Mayfield

Let Go as You Grow

Letting go has never been easy. Whether giving the car keys to a teenage daughter or allow ing another to plan the service schedule, comfortably stepping back and having someone …

Originally published Published: 04.01.13 Author By Ron Cohn

5 Prescriptions to Prevent ‘Hardening of the Attitudes’ Among Employees

Recent research shows that among the least-happy and least-engaged employees, the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is more than $28,000, versus only $840 among the …

Originally published Published: 01.01.11 Author By Jack Singer

7 Steps To Instilling Business Development in Service Techs

Field service technicians are on of the greatest business-development resources of any commercial service company. Some firms have trained their technicians on selling, but most service managers I know agree …

Originally published Published: 04.01.10 Author By Jim Baston

Creating a Problem-Prevention Culture

Training for "process awareness" can stop mistakes before they reach customers, saving money and ensuring repeat business.

Originally published Published: 12.01.09 Author By Mike Callahan

Selling Green Internally

A marketing strategy that your entire staff understands and buys into is one that the customer believes in.

Originally published Published: 01.01.09 Author By John Empson

Managing Expectations Helps Grow High-Performance Employees

If you set up your employees to fail, they will. However, if you five them the right tools and encouragement they need to do a great job, you will be …

Originally published Published: 09.01.08 Author By Ursula C. Mannix

Becoming The Employer Of Choice

To be successful in today’s market, contractors and hvacr business owners must get creative and make recruitment a priority.

Originally published Published: 06.01.08 Author By Bob Niewenhous

Creating A Culture That Drives Strategy

Becoming a "chief culture officer" is a paramount in company success.

Originally published Published: 03.01.08 Author By Paul Grunau

The Craft Of Communication

An experience with communication gone wrong and uses it as a teaching moment for how to better handle various situations with co-workers and employees.

Originally published Published: 02.01.08 Author By HVACR Business Staff

Part 4: Establish the Appropriate Culture in Your Company

A culture that values and nurtures its customers and co-workers was the key to the tremendous growth and profitability of Peachtree Heating and Air Conditioning (Peachtree) from 1990 to 2002.

Originally published Published: 09.01.06 Author By Jackie Rainwater

Part 3: Establish the Appropriate “Culture” in Your Company

Part 3 of a series: How Peachtree Heating and Air Conditioning put in place principles, practices, and processes to assure co-workers were “winners”.

Originally published Published: 08.01.06 Author By Jackie Rainwater

Part 2: Establish the Appropriate “Culture” in Your Company,

Referencing the culture he established at Peachtree Heating and Air Conditioning, Jackie Rainwater describes how to ensure the customer “wins” in every interaction with your company.

Originally published Published: 07.01.06 Author By Jackie Rainwater

Part 1: Establish the Appropriate “Culture” in Your Company,

What is culture and how do you develop the right kind of culture within your company?

Originally published Published: 06.01.06 Author By Jackie Rainwater