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Originally published: 1/1/2023

Fifteen years ago, we made a series of promises all aimed at becoming the most valuable resource for companies marketing to HVACR contractors.

We proposed accomplishing this feat by becoming the most valuable management-information resource to the most important people at HVACR contracting firms ... owners and corporate-level managers, the difficult-to-reach people involved in 9 out of 10 buying decisions.  

Our business strategy was simple. Become the best management resource in the HVACR industry for the thing every business leader holds most dear ... their business. Almost every trade magazine talks about its management-related articles but then hides them among news releases, product releases, job promotions, factory openings, case histories, engineering articles, and vendor spotlights of little use to business leaders.

We proposed making business management-related information the sole focus of our editorial. We wanted to deliver reliable, how-to information from business management experts. Information small business leaders would rely on as they set out to improve their business performance.

Today, HVACR Business stands as the only information resource totally dedicated to helping the leaders of HVACR contracting firms improve their business performance. Every issue is filled with articles from respected experts on leadership, management, strategy, finance, sales, marketing, training, legal advice, human resources, and more.86.2 percent of our 34,000 readers are owners and corporate-level managers of HVACR contracting companies. More importantly, they are involved with HVACR Business and loyal to the magazine that puts their needs first.

  • 65% consider HVACR Business their best resource for business management information*
  • 91.% read more than 1/2 of every issue* 
  • 97.7% would recommend HVACR Business to their friends*
  • 92.3% personally design, specify, buy, recommend or approve products for HVACR systems*

Reaching these goals wasn’t easy, especially given recent economic conditions. However, we kept making the necessary investments in editorial, circulation, and design. We kept searching for innovative ideas and ways to build stronger links to the owners and corporate-level managers of HVACR contracting firms. Our head for business has won the hearts of the people who matter most to your business.

Research and surveys include: 
  • Trends in The Adoption of Products/Systems & Management Goals 
  • Inside the Mind of an HVACR Contractor
  • Promises Kept
  • Reader Profile 
    * To learn more about HVACR Business, request a meeting with one of our representatives and review our research