Michael Feuer

Michael Feuer is co-founder of the mega office products retail chain OfficeMax, which he started in 1988 with one store and $20,000 of his own money, along with a then-partner and group of private investors. Michael Feuer appears courtesy of a partnership with Smart Business, which originally published this column."

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Successful Negotiations Start with Empathy

What does the other party want out of the deal?

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How to Avoid Meaningless Meetings

Everyone who chairs a business meeting should ask participants this same question at the conclusion of the session. One word of warning: Be prepared for some surprising responses.

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When Making Personnel Moves, Trust Your Gut

Being the boss requires being a very good teacher. When a pupil is not measuring up, the first question is: How can you help, and what can you do to …

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When Trouble Comes In Waves, Leaders Snap Into Action

Trouble comes in many sizes and shapes, and often it comes in unexpected waves. As the boss, you must always be prepared to provide direction. While any one problem could …

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An Exaggerated Sense of Your Own Importance Can Hurt Your Company

Nonverbal communication speaks volumes about your style of management and how receptive you are to new ideas without worrying about who comes up with them. The best CEOs are the …

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How and When to End Disruptive Disagreements

Disagreements and anger are a reality in the workplace and in life. People react differently under pressure. This behavior quickly reduces productivity. Here's how to call a timeout.

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How to Plan to Succeed

In developing a strategy, creating a new business, or introducing a new product, intensive preplanning can make the difference between success and failure.

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Things You Should Stop Worrying About But Can’t

It is unrealistic to believe we should think only good thoughts, particularly in business when things move at a lightning pace, and the path to achieving objectives is littered with …

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Tell Your Employees: Prepare or Perish

Business opportunities are everywhere, and the Internet makes it possible to always be ready.

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If it Ain’t Broke, Break it Now

Customers expect constant improvement, which takes vigilance.

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