The Compensation Equation™ Part 2/3
The profitability of a company is like its scorecard.  Each month's income statement shows everything that was done in the business and what the results of those efforts were. At the end of the day, a company is either winning or losing based on its profitability. 

Leadership Skills To Survive and Prosper
Publisher’s Page: Depressions, recessions, or simply weak economies weed out weak and unfit business managers. And if there has ever been a time when weakness in management skills shows up, it’s managing during tough economic times. 
20 Questions with Julian Scadden
If you only look at the monthly profit and loss statement without analyzing the report, you might get lulled into a false sense of security. Monthly data and year-to-date data reports on a profit and loss statement don’t tell the whole story.
From the Website Click to the 5-Star Review
As HVACR business owners, aren’t we all looking for new customers?  Of course, we are! We want quality lifelong customers that will sing our praises and be our best advocates – it’s all about the 5-star reviews. To understand how to get there, we must address how the buying cycle in our industry has changed drastically in recent years. 
Establish Long-Term Success by Eliminating Financial Barriers
Whether you’re weathering an economic slowdown, facing the shoulder months, or simply unsure about how to handle your finances, planning for and understanding your financial barriers is one of the most important goals an entrepreneur can achieve.