Management Resource Shelf | The Art of the Sale
How do you master any art form? Practice. Sales in a business sense, its own art form. Some people can sell, and others become masters. As with any art, there is an entire spectrum of subjectivity on what’s good. Still, mastering the skill is essential if you want to grow your HVACR business.
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Will a Handshake Work? Not These Days
Arnold Palmer’s handshake deal with Mark McCormack, the legendary founder of sports-marketing-and-management company IMG Worldwide, was one of the most successful business deals in history. Both men became wealthy, and neither ever felt the need to put their agreement in writing. Alas, that was in the 1950s. Today, not using a written agreement is a clear and unmistakable recipe for disaster.
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How to Tell if Your Financial Statements are Wrong
This is one of our most popular articles and with good reason. As owners and managers, it is your responsibility to review accurate financial statements on a timely basis. This allows you to make good business decisions and spot minor issues before they become major crises. Here are seven, easy-to-spot things to look for when analyzing your financial statements.
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A Long & Rewarding Relationship with the HVACR Industry
Brennan Hall, the Director of Duct Fab Supplies and Air Distribution Products at Conklin, and President of The Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association (SPIDA) was the focus of this spotlight. Hall is deeply passionate about his role in the industry. He not only had a lot of wisdom to impart about various issues, like the role of automation and consolidation, and the importance of showing up and taking the meeting, but he also shared some self-reflection. 
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Business Growth from Start to Finish
Business growth is good – but is it good at any cost? The answer – is no, not without a guide or a map for growth. Ask yourself, are you growing the company you envisioned? Is it a business about which you can say you are proud? Will you be able to leave a legacy after you exit? To accomplish this task, set out now to design your future with an active, vision and strategy in place. 
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