Peter Strozniak

Peter Strozniak is the owner of ProComm Inc. (PCI). He develops and manages all types of original and customized copywriting projects that achieve results for a wide range of business and corporate clients. He often writes on business issues facing a variety of industries.

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GPS Buying Basics

Hundreds of companies sell GPS solutions, each offering a bewildering array of capabilities at a variety of price points. Here are 8 capabilities to evaluate before you buy.

Originally published Published: 03.10.12 Author By Peter Strozniak

Taking Training To The Next Level

HVACR companies are using a variety of methods to build effective training programs. These methods sometimes involve in-house investments, hiring another company to train, or using free training resources from …

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GPS Comes of Age

Global positioning systems enable hvacr contractors to save time, money, and fuel

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Focus on Fleet Maintenance

The latest trends, technology advances, and simple best practices can cut costs by 30%.

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Buy or Lease?

There's no right answer. The decision to buy or lease a fleet should be based on several things, including how you used your trucks and financial considerations.

Originally published Published: 10.01.06 Author By Peter Strozniak

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