Bob McEwan

Bob McEwan

 McEwan who retired as the general manager of GE Aviation’s global supply chain continues to consult with GE Aviation its partners and other aerospace companies in engineering and supply chain management. He also conducts leadership seminars for executives and corporate staffs. For additional information visit"

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Show me a winning team and I’ll bet they have a dynamic leader. Leadership makes the difference.

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Identifying, Recruiting and Growing Talent

Attracting top talent to join your company requires a strategic plan and commitment to excellence.

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A Safe Workplace Starts with You

Sexual harassment, workplace violence and hostile work environments are not acceptable.

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We need to support, encourage and unleash this generation to be the best they can be.

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Learn how to empower your managers to make decisions

Great leaders coach, teach and mentor folks through these times. They support them with advice, listening and making suggestions, but they don’t do it for them.

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Bridge Your Employee Generation Gap

Engaged work teams solve problems, build trust and drive accountability to the entire team.

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How to Run Effective and Efficient Meetings

Always have an agenda prepared and use it to bring everyone back on track. If a meeting goes too long you will lose your audience.

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Five Traits of Successful Leaders

Managers do things right; leaders do the right things. As a leader, you have more power and influence than you think — be sure to use it wisely.

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How to Influence Others

If your team doesn’t know what you think or expect from them, how can they follow or even understand the task in front of them?

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