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SmartD Technologies / SmartD Clean Power VFDis a 2023 AHR Expo Innovation Winner

Originally published: 11/3/2022

SmartD's Clean Power Variable Frequency Drive changes the motor control landscape. By delivering a clean, sinusoidal signal it reduces motor system losses by up to 40% and extends motor lifetime in a compact footprint that can be deployed without ancillary filters. The SmartD VFD integrates wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors into its multi-level inverter architecture and combines them with patented modulation algorithms to produce a pure-sine wave electrical signal without the need for external filters. WBG semiconductors have intrinsic characteristics that make them more efficient: on-state losses are 10-80% lower and switching losses are 9 to 30 times lower than standard IGBTs. While the benefits of WBG are clear, they are but a piece of the SmartD innovation equation. By combining a single-carrier harmonics-canceling modulation, with a multi-level architecture and the high frequency switching of the WBG transistors, SmartD is able to integrate filters 400 (four hundred!) times smaller than auxiliary filters normally required to achieve a comparable signal quality. The integrated miniature-filters not only reduce the overall footprint and simplify wiring, they also reduce filter losses while improving motor efficiency, resulting in an overall system efficiency improvement and system-loss reduction of up to 40%.

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