Ahead of the Curve August 7, 2023
Product Hightlights
Employee Performance Mapping Ensures Competitive Edge

By Ursula C. Mannix
Employee performance mapping can help you improve your company’s competitive edge. It's more important than ever for HVACR contractors to be savvy in the marketplace. The best contractors deliver superior customer service and great customer experiences. 

“Of course, I’m accountable, it’s just that …”
By Terry Tanker
I like salespeople who are accountable. In fact, I like anyone who’s accountable, but let’s stick with sales for now. Think about your top salesperson and what they say when occasionally they miss their goal: “I’m on it, here is my plan, these are my targets, this is what my pipeline looks like, this is where I could use some help, here are the proposals that are out, I expect to close X percentage.”

A Long & Rewarding Relationship with the HVACR Industry 
Spotlight On: Brennan Hall
By Heather Langone
Heather Langone sat down with Brennan Hall, the Director of Duct Fab Supplies and Air Distribution Products at Conklin, and President of The Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association (SPIDA). Deeply passionate about his role in the industry, Hall not only had a lot of wisdom to impart about various issues, but he also shared some self-reflection. 

Management Resource Shelf | The Marketing Matrix
By Staff
Business success depends upon successfully solving the marketing matrix – meaning finding that sweet spot specifically for your brand. Effective marketing is a necessity for most businesses and finding the wow factor for your brand is essential for real growth. We have identified four books for you that will help your HVAC company find that sweet spot.

20 Questions with Rick Sporrer, Danfoss North America President
By Terry Tanker
Publisher Terry Tanker met with Danfoss North America President Rick Sporrer. The two discussed leadership qualities, management responsibilities, sports, business inspiration, bucket lists, and growing up on a farm.

Product Hightlights

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