Implement Your Training
By Pete Danielson
Have you ever attended a seminar or conference, took several pages of notes with great ideas and had good intentions of coming back to your business and making big changes — changes that will impact your life and your business forever — only to have nothing happen? 

Preparing Heirs for Their Inheritance
By Keven Prather
Inheriting money comes with plenty of benefits. From being less worried about paying for life’s necessities to enjoying the luxuries affluence can bring, inheritors often find that many of life’s key stumbling blocks are no longer in their way. That said, inheritance doesn’t automatically mean a worry-free life. On the contrary, inheriting wealth can create unique challenges and conflicts. A windfall can be the root of significant problems for your heirs—and therefore for you too.
Establish an Appropriate Company Culture
By Eric Knaak 
Over the last several years, one of the hot topics that comes up when discussing an organization is company culture. Culture can be defined as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.” Culture, therefore, the heart and soul of any organization, how things are done and what is expected of all team members.
Are You Making These Balance Sheet Mistakes?
By Ruth King
Accurate balance sheets are critical to making good business decisions. Make sure your company isn’t making critical mistakes. I would advise that you never cut corners on this step, whether you have a professional bookkeeper or you choose to balance the books yourself. 
Enhance Your Lead Generation Marketing
By Kelly Borth
Here are seven tips to ensure valuable lead gen efforts are not wasted at your company.