Jim McDermott

Thirty-seven years of publishing experience helped to solidify Jim’s expertise not only in the field of publishing but in the heating and air conditioning industry too. He is highly adept in business management training and development and is a strong ally to the HVAC industry. He also is HVACR Business' editorial advisor. "

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The SWOT Analysis

Strategic planning starts with a fairly simple examination of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. The basic tool used for this initial step of strategic planning is the SWOT Analysis. It’s …

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Building A High-Performance Company

The Gartner Group's five keys to building a high-performance organization include setting ambitious goals and achieving them, displaying a strong sense of purpose, having a strategic focus, adapting to change, …

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Masters of the Briefcase

Contractors will not be able to rely on their technical expertise to be successful and to rise above their competitors. The road to excellence requires a growing list of management …

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Winning Management Techniques

The key to industry success, at all levels, is a strong, viable core of hvacr contractors who embrace a winning attitude and develop the skills and agility to move the …

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