Jenn Morgan

Jenn Morgan is an Orgasmic Brand Strategist Defending the Universe from Mediocre Marketing. After redefining 12 years of experience producing brand campaigns for distinctive companies such as Diet Coke, US Postal Service, and Chrysler Jeep, Jenn re-positioned herself for the Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner who wants to build a high-end brand that turns customers on. Jenn works with clients around the globe from Seattle, WA to New York, NY to Warsaw, Poland. Jenn is the author of the upcoming book \The Orgasmic Brand\". Learn more at"

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You've Got 8 Seconds, Be Interesting Or Lose the Sale

The average adult attention span is 8 seconds, according to studies. Therefore, sales professionals must capture a customer’s attention immediately.

Originally published Published: 03.21.13 Author By Jenn Morgan

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