Bob O'Hara

Bob O'Hara

Bob O’Hara is President/CEO of O’Hara & Company founded in 1995 to address the growing need for entrepreneurs to create a comprehensive exit strategy for their businesses. For additional information visit"

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Plan Your Next Business Move

Take the time to reflect, evaluate and plan for the future of your business.

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The Cornerstones Along Your Business Independence Journey

Living the life you have envisioned for yourself and your family will be the completion of a successful plan.

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Set Goals When Planning Your Exit Strategy

The ultimate goal of exit planning is for the owner to thrive without the business, and for the business to continue to be operational and financially sound.

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Exit Planning is Long-term Business Planning

Now is the time to move forward to give yourself time to envision all the potential possibilities.

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Plan for Succession While Building Value

Executing a successful succession plan requires a team of experts, including an attorney, CPA, and a financial planner.

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