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Adrian Steel, ProLift™ Drop-down Ladder Rack

Profile™ Rack System

Originally published: 7/1/2023

Built on Adrian Steel’s new flagship Profile™ rack system, the ProLift™ drop-down ladder rack is low profile, lightweight, and built to last. The ProLift™ is up to 50% easier to operate than comparable drop-down style ladder racks. This makes it the easiest and safest drop-down ladder rack system on the market. Using unique patent-pending mechanical advantages and high-performance spring assist struts, ProLift™ raises and lowers ladders with an almost effortless pull, saving you time and energy while reducing back and shoulder injuries for operators. Available in Standard-Drop, Max-Drop, and Double Stack options and accommodates step ladders (8'-12'), extension ladders (16'-30'), and conduit carriers. Optional step ladder kits available for step ladders under 8’.

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