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Air-to-Water Modular Heat Pump Model

Trane Modular Heat Pump Design Brings Efficiency, Scalable Operation, and True Redundancy

Originally published: 9/27/2022

The Trane Thermafit Air-to-Water Modular Heat Pump Model AXM is a fully electric modular unit that owners can scale to match a building’s heating or cooling load. The Model AXM moves heat rather than generating heat; thus, it can be three times more efficient than other forms of electric heating. The Thermafit modular product line includes the Model AXM and eight product families that bring buildings into the future of sustainable comfort.

By combining individually controlled AXM modules to create a single, larger heat pump, operators can right-size heating and cooling performance to meet a wide range of applications. In addition, the modular design is ideal for tight spaces or where the footprint is limited, like the roof of a tall building or a freight elevator and offers true redundancy to help operators minimize downtime.

Each module includes dual refrigerant circuits with lab-verified vapor injection compressors for more reliable heating. These compressors facilitate greater lift and higher leaving hot water temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor ambient temperature.

The Trane Model AXM also has the following features:

Each module is capable of 30 tons of cooling and 390 thousand BTU per hour (MBh) of heating and is expandable to generate up to 300 tons of cooling.

Dual refrigerant circuits on each heat pump provide precise temperature control.

Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) variable speed fans and motor assemblies on each unit run quietly and reduce energy use.

Controls with open standard protocols that seamlessly integrate with Tracer SC+ and third-party Building Automation Systems (BAS).

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