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Cove.Tool is a 2023 AHR Expo Innovation Winner

Originally published: 11/3/2022

Built for mechanical engineers, the loadmodeling.tool quickly and automatically establishes peak cooling and heating loads to design and right-size the mechanical system using the EnergyPlus engine. This web-based tool supports cove.tool’s goal of providing the solutions needed for the AEC industry to unlock productivity and solve the climate crisis. One of the most revolutionary aspects of the loadmodeling.tool is that it is web-based, which presents a new opportunity for mechanical engineers as the majority of their tools are only available via desktop platforms that haven’t evolved much in the last few decades. As it is web-based, mechanical engineers can access the tool anywhere, including results, which means large files aren’t having to be transferred or shared manually. Another important function of the tool is that multiple engineers can work simultaneously on the platform, which is a fundamentally new function that other tools don’t and can’t have. Multiple people can log into the project and work on various tasks at the same time, increasing team efficiency. Finally, this is the first tool that thinks about the engineer first – loadmodeling.tool fits current workflows and gives engineers the answers they need in the way they work. We’re thinking about the tool from the user experience standpoint and giving them something innovative and beautiful to work with every day because they haven’t had that before.

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