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Copeland™ HVAC Compressors / ZPSK7 scroll compressor

Copeland™ HVAC Compressors / ZPSK7 scroll compressor is a 2023 AHR Expo Innovation Winner

Originally published: 11/3/2022

Built on the award-winning ZPSK6 platform, Emerson’s ZPSK7 scroll compressor is the most efficient two-stage compressor developed in the 100-year history of the Copeland™ brand. The Copeland™ ZPSK7 scroll compressor is a product line of 1.5 – 5-ton two-stage compressors ideally suited for residential and light commercial HVAC applications. These compressors can operate at 100% capacity or as low as 65% capacity based on heating/cooling demand. When a partial load is needed, bypass ports inside the compression chamber open which partially unload the compressor. This allows the compressor to achieve 65% capacity, thereby consuming less energy at light loads and avoiding costly stops and starts which use more energy. When demand increases, the modulation control valve is activated, sealing the bypass, and shifting capacity to 100%. The ZPSK7 two-stage compressor can run at lower capacity without stopping, ensuring air continues flowing over the coil and the filter. This yields important benefits in humidity reduction and air quality. In addition, this two-stage modulating compressor also gives systems the ability to adjust capacity to match the load, resulting in longer run times at higher efficiency to maximize comfort.

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