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Originally published: 12/1/2022

Optimize Your HVAC System with Danfoss 
AB-QM Product Enhancements

Engineers and contractors who want to gain maximum benefit from Danfoss AB-QM pressure independent control valves in their HVAC systems now have new product options. The Flexo Fan Coil Unit connection kit, new and improved in 2022, comes pre-assembled and pressure-tested, available with or without a strainer. Made of DZR brass with a pressure rating of PN25, a center distance of 80 mm, and 3-way ball valves, its prefabricated design, compact size, and flexible pipes provide a trouble-free, faster installation and easier flushing, draining, filter cleaning, and flow validation. The new Flexo operates with more efficiency, improving indoor comfort while saving energy costs. 

Customers can combine the AB-QM with a NovoCon® actuator, the first digital actuator that can connect hydronic HVAC systems with Building Management Systems. NovoCon® communicates with the BMS system via a digital (BACnet or Modbus) communication protocol and exchanges technical HVAC data. When combined with the AB-QM, the hydronic aspects of HVAC control are fully integrated with the BMS. This provides a completely automated and controlled process for controlling, monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining heating or cooling in your building, resulting in an average energy savings of 30% and significant cost reductions.

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