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Educate Your Customers on System Care

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Originally published: 7/1/2019

By educating the customer on how to care for their systems, we can garner greater customer satisfaction as we place the power back in their hands.


Even the most skilled HVACR technicians know that becoming well educated in the field takes time, hard-work and does not simply happen overnight. Many of the clients we service on a day-to-day basis are unfamiliar with the industry and are looking to us, the experts, to provide more. Educating our customer where we can is a great way to build the relationship, establish trust and provide transparency.

It all boils down to customer service. It’s the number one priority for any service driven business. Our technicians do what they can out on the job to make sure that the customers receiving services are confident and comfortable when we leave.

A part of making sure we deliver a quality job is providing the client with base level knowledge of their HVACR status and how to best take care of their system when we are not on site.

By educating the customer on how to care for their systems, we can garner greater customer satisfaction as we place the power back in their hands.

Provide Tips

There are some tips about owning an HVACR system that every homeowner should know. Surprisingly, not many folks have ever had the opportunity to have that knowledge shared with them, especially from a source as reliable as a technician.

Tips such as keeping your system clear of debris, periodically changing the filter and bi-annual routine maintenance are all pieces of information technicians can offer that homeowners should know.

Another way to further educate the customer is to explain in layman’s terms any work that was provided during the service.

Information such as the status of their systems and an overview of any services that were provided during a visit can make the client feel like your company is being transparent and going the extra mile to make sure the customers are in the loop.

At the end of the day, the work we provide is important to the customer, be they a homeowner or commercial landlord. The more transparency we can provide while educating the client, the better levels of customer satisfaction we can achieve.

Lastly, recommend resources that your customer can tap into after your visit.

Recommending books or websites that have relevant and useful information gives your client the opportunity to learn more on their own time, should they choose to do so.

Preventative Maintenance Deals

Preventive and routine maintenance deals are a part of many of our business models.

These deals are valuable to homeowners and commercial property owners in establishing good rapport.

Providing discounts on services is a way to demonstrate the business is willing to accommodate budgets of all kinds.

They also give your customers the opportunity to participate in discounted programs that offer recurring services, such as purchasing two bi-annual routine visits at a discounted rate.

In this manner, sales are able to happen upfront and the customer is able to save money through taking advantage of a discounted rate.

Recommend Social media

One of the easiest and modern ways to educate your customers is to use social media. Video tutorials and instructional videos are valuable tools in teaching clients how to asses and care for their own systems.

For example, if a technician finds a particular video online they think does a thorough job of explaining maintenance tips, then they can easily refer the video to a client so they can look into it themselves. It serves as something that can be referenced even after the technician has left the site.

Another way to educate your customers on proper maintenance is to post general tips on your company social media account and website. This strategy is an easy, convenient, affordable way to teach and tell customers how to care for their appliances once you leave.

Additionally, this method has the potential to increase your social media following and therefore increase your brand awareness.

The relationship between us and our customers is one we respect, and we show this through providing top-notch customer service. We hope you are able to take these tools and implement them into your next jobs.


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