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Increase Your Social Media Returns

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Originally published: 2/1/2019

Ask anyone to describe the power or potency of social media, and they’d be quick to flaunt their “knowledge” for free. Everyone seems to care about online engagement and are only too happy to follow the trend. But, how many people are actually enjoying the rewards or returns on social media spend — predictably and consistently? Or is an investment in social media a waste of time and resources?

During the gold rush that began in January 1848, all roads led to California as every entrepreneur (and wannabe) had suddenly “discovered a little-known secret” for mining the precious stone right in the “city of gold.” Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of hopefuls got their hopes dashed — and yet, a handful of miners actually struck gold.

There are people out there “mining gold” predictably via social media — and wouldn’t mind keeping the how from you for as long as they can. Here are five quick, actionable hacks for better online engagement.

Know your Target Audience

To engage your online audience successfully, you must know who they are and what they want. Only then can you target your marketing messages appropriately. “Targeting everyone online” is like targeting no one at all. There’s need for thorough research to identify your ideal audience. Identifying the ideal ONE is the smartest way to attract, engage and convert.

You sell HVACR service, but to whom do you sell? Adults or teens? Obviously not teens, but are the adults millennials or boomers? These questions — better yet, the answers — will lead you to your gold mine.

Upgrade your Website

The dot-com bubble made almost everyone believe once they put up a fancy website, they would be able to make money in their sleep — until it went bust.

Investing in a website and, then, turning your back on it is like having a beautiful garden and giving leeway for weeds to hold sway.

A highly optimized website, for instance, gives instant, global presence, converts faster across the globe and makes you an authority in your niche.

Get Social or Get Lost in the Crowd

Forget what you heard about good products advertising, itself: 20th century perhaps, but not anymore.

Today, you must Think-Create-Target-and-Convert to stay relevant. There’s no better time to be out there getting noticed with your Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns. But, is this something to consider doing yourself? Yes, if you can pull it off, but no one can be, nor do they have to be a pro at everything.

Keeping to your lane and allowing professionals to handle your campaigns increases your chances of success exponentially.

Use Better Pictures

It’s no longer news that visuals convert better than text — it’s why shoppers end up paying for what they never thought to buy in the first place. People aren’t leveraging the power of visuals in their social media posts or ad campaigns.

Granted, it’s tough to find several crispy-clean pictures that show, rather than simply tell, but that’s no excuse to get sloppy with this critical element of your online marketing strategy.

A little investment in stunning, brand-optimized photos can be the difference between ‘just there’ and ‘right on target’ when your audience takes one look at your brand messages.

Delight with Visual Content

Videos are light years ahead of pictures, because they tell a vivid story in a human, personal way. If a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps a single video is worth more than a gazillion pictures?

Think of it like this: A picture presents products and services in static mode. But a video goes several steps further and puts a lot more action and emotional appeal to the same. People are drawn in quicker to your marketing messages and respond faster in video mode.

No doubt, video content remains a clear leader as far as increasing social media returns go. However, the right blend of all the above is a superb social media strategy to keep handy, indeed.

Are you winning with your social media strategy? Do you have one right now?


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Increase Your Social Media Returns

Here are five quick, actionable hacks for better online engagement.