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Facebook Ads: Reach the Right People

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Originally published: 8/1/2018

Effective communication starts with knowing your audience. So, in a world of niche markets, constant media, and non-stop advertising how can audiences be reached in productive ways?

The answer is simple; go where the people are! Most people nowadays are online and on social media platforms. Every platform has something to offer, but today we are going to focus on the benefits of running Facebook ads.

The effectiveness of Facebook comes from its reach: it has over one billion active users! The ability to target specific segments within the one billion active users is the key to the success for the Facebook Business Ads model.

Here are three ways Facebook ads can contribute to business success and how this success will help grow your business.

Target YOUR Audience

The world is a big place, and Facebook connects people in more ways than just closing physical distance. People are people, and as a rule people hang out with those who they are alike and similar to.

Facebook ads give businesses the ability to target exactly who and which groups will see the ad. With Facebook ads, you’re able to put the ad in front of the right people. You can select and target the audience by age, gender, financials, education, behavior, etc. Your audience is waiting to hear about what you have to offer, so make sure the right people notice!

No one knows your audience better than you; Facebook provides a direct path that cuts through the mass of online users to directly target the segment of people who you know most likely to need and use your services. When the right person is reached with a service they need and find useful that person will likely share this info with their friends! Facebook allows word-of-mouth recommendation to be transferred into the digital space. All it takes is a little targeting with Facebook ads to instantly place yourself in the right circles.

Get Recognized

This method of advertising on Facebook places the ad in front of the most willing and engaged users who are most likely to use and recommend your business. When users share their experiences with one another, that increases the likelihood of your business being recognized. When repeatedly targeting the same group, frequency leads to your audience becoming familiar with you. Even if they don’t click on the ad they will see you repetitively. Sight is recognition, and repetition is the mother of success!


Want to know the best part? Facebook is easy to access, and is absolutely affordable. The average Facebook ad costs less with the benefit of more exposure than any print medium or radio show. A Facebook ad with a short campaign could cost around $50. The price will vary depending on how long the ad is run. 

Even if the ad campaign is run for a few months then it will only cost a couple of hundred dollars. This is still more effective and affordable than taking out one print ad in a newspaper or magazine, and is less costly than purchasing a radio ad placement.

There should still be a place in your marketing budget for traditional print and radio advertising. But traditional methods have more limited audiences, and there is no guarantee that readers or listeners of your audience will be tuning in. Facebook allows for less costly screen time with more control and guaranteed views from your target audience.

Reap Rewards!

Enjoy the benefits of interacting with customers in real time. Engagement is key to building lasting relationships to form a loyal customer base. Facebook is able to offer what traditional media advertising cannot; the ability to interact in real time with your audience to ultimately form a valuable and trusting relationship with customers quickly via comments, messages and more.

Be the buzz, get recognized, and advertise on Facebook! Be the company your audience has seen, be the company they have heard of, and be the company whose services are buzzworthy. All this is possible through Facebook ads.


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