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Maximize Fleet Management to Offer Same Day Service

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Originally published: 7/5/2017

In a culture that revolves around instant gratification, there is a higher expectation for efficiency than ever before from consumers. They are now exposed to drones that deliver packages to their front doorsteps within hours of purchase. That type of effectiveness changes their outlook for all services, especially services that take place in their homes.

HVACR businesses should focus on enhancing current efficiency standards to give their customers what they want — same day service. A great way to obtain optimal productivity from your vehicles, and employees, is to implement telematics software.

This technology keeps fleets on schedule, enhances quick response times during emergency service requests, increases technician productivity on the jobsite and keeps your vehicles in good working order through streamlined maintenance management.

Keep Fleet on Schedule

Using telematics to manage your technicians’ daily routes will increase how efficiently vehicles arrive at each jobsite, which will help them stay on schedule throughout the day. Taking a longer route than necessary can push every job back and leads to fewer jobs being completed. That also doesn’t allow for additional jobs to be added throughout the day when new calls come in.

Staying on track with efficient routing plays a crucial role in the ability to offer same day service.

Your telematics system ensures technicians take the best routes by entering the addresses or landmarks associated with customer locations into the software, which optimizes the route and sends it straight to the driver’s smartphone, tablet or Garmin navigation device with turn-by-turn directions.

Telematics allows your scheduler to optimize the technicians’ daily schedules before they even start the workday.

Real-Time Dispatch

When a customer calls you to fix a broken AC unit in the dead of summer, same day service goes from being a “nice to have” service offering to one of necessity.

The ability to respond quickly to customer emergencies takes more than simply a technician getting to the job assigned to them as quickly as possible. There needs to be efficient processes in place for dispatch teams as well.

Telematics doesn’t simply allow your business to become more productive in the field; you also become more productive back at the office. When emergency service calls come in, dispatch teams can use a telematics platform to quickly access current vehicle locations to find the nearest technician to the customer site.

Having this information readily available allows your fleet to make the best dispatch decisions so they can offer same day service when it counts the most.

With an effective telematics system, you can offer customers same day service and generate the most revenue possible to improve efficiency throughout your entire fleet.


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Maximize Fleet Management to Offer Same Day Service

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