Turn Your Business into an Overnight Sensation

Originally published
Originally published: 2/1/2013

Telling your story in a compelling way and being forthright in business will build up your reputation and set the stage for star status.

What do reality star Kim Kardashian, investor mogul Warren Buffett, and super attorney Gloria Allred have in common (besides the fact all three are swimming in money)? 

They are all media darlings. When they want the world to know what they are doing, people listen. When they have a new offering, or, they want you to know about something they are doing, the headlines flash, the video cameras roll, and within hours, everyone knows what they want us to know. 

Wouldn’t it be great having the ability to command headlines to tell people about your business without the paparazzi or the need for rehab a year later?

Knowing how to build your platform of fans and customers is an essential part of creating a business people will notice in 2013 and beyond. It’s how books become No. 1 on the bestseller lists, how bloggers with a business drive sales into hyperspace, or how products such as the Missoni line of designer fashions at Target are snapped up and sell out in a few hours. Below are seven secrets to help you get noticed and be seen as influential when you want to get the word out about your business.

1. Conduct business with integrity and honesty; and not for a quick buck. In this new era of citizen media, disgruntled customers can spin out of control and destroy your reputation faster than you can say “Twitter.” Trust is critical to your success in the post-Bernie Madoff environment. Take care of customers so they’ll go online with a positive story about your business.

2. Use short videos (no more than five minutes) to share helpful tips and ideas about your expertise and how you help customers. Or, tell people about exciting events coming up in your business. Don’t be afraid to share your successes when they happen. Let your enthusiasm and passion for what you love shine. Upload them to a platform like YouTube and share all over the Web.

3. Share your story of success in a way that’s emotionally compelling and helps people to relate to you and what you’re all about. If you’re a positive person, generally, you want to forget the tough times. But that’s where your ideal customer is at right now, in need of your product or service. There’s a way to craft your story so you come across as a person who has overcome obstacles and who can relate to their concerns now.

4. Discover ways to keep your energy level or “chi” up. You can work 24/7 and never get everything done. Learn to delegate things to others who are better suited and love to do the tasks you don’t have to do. Building up your success only to crash and burn a year or two later is no fun. Plus, these days you never know when someone has a camera and will capture you being you.

5. Use public speaking in front of groups as a way to position yourself as an expert or an authority in your field. The minute you stand in front of a room full of people, you’re automatically seen as an expert. Develop a sense of humor or at least memorize a few jokes. People are more open to new ideas right after a good chuckle. If speaking makes you uncomfortable, consider joining a Toastmasters group for practice and constructive support.

6. Get comfortable with media, including radio, television, print, and online sources. Surprisingly, radio is an unsung hero because you have an opportunity to tell listeners how to connect with you. Print can be powerful, too. Professional trade journals are usually crying out for fresh articles for their business-focused readers. If you’re uncomfortable with this strategy, remember that every day you own a business is like the biggest kick-butt seminar you’ll ever attend. Be willing to stretch.

7. Your presence on social networking platforms such as Facebook is essential. Connect with movers and shakers you want to know you. You can add comments, start a group of followers, or develop a fan page. Don’t know what to say? Share what you’re doing in a compelling way. There’s only one degree of separation with social networking. Post daily, and build a fan base.

These seven keys provide the broad brushstrokes to tell a compelling story about your business. Of course an “overnight sensation” is really a person who’s worked hard for years, then it appears they suddenly burst upon the scene. When you harness and leverage these secrets, you’ll be well on your way to commanding the influence and positive attention that will help your business to grow successfully.ν

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