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Tops in Trucks 2012: Green Vehicles

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Originally published: 7/1/2011

Customers respond to messages about energy-saving services and sustainability.

One trend that shows no sign of ending soon is to use fleet designs that promote energy savings and environmental responsibility. Each year brings at least a half dozen “green” entries to the Tops in Trucks contest. Some designs work better than others. Here are some of the best that were submitted this year.

GallettAir inc. Green Solutions

GallettAir of West Babylon, NY, was the first Tops in Trucks winner in 2007. Owner Carmine Galletta takes enormous pride in his fleet and invests time, attention, and resources to keeping his 30 vehicles looking top-notch. Although we couldn’t choose GallettAir Inc. as winners this year because of their previous win, we were impressed that — true to Galletta’s belief about the importance of fleet marketing — the company created a new fleet design when it launched its energy performance contracting service, GallettAir Green Solutions, earlier this year.

The fleet sports a green, yellow, and white abstract background and is heavy on informational elements, such as a listing of services on the side and an infrared image of a house next to the words “Infrared Thermography Testing.” Also included is the familiar GA red-and- blue logo (small but prominent) and an explanation that the service is a division of GallettAir. This was a wise move considering that GallettAir is a well-known and well-respected name in the region.

“Customers are interested in knowing just what we do and how we will help them save on energy costs,” explained Galletta, who sketched out the design before turning it over to Art Signs in West Babylon to complete it. “People are interested in green solutions, and our trucks shout that message loud and clear.”

All Elements Mechanical Corp.

All Elements services both residential and commercial customers in the Orlando, FL, area. Five of its 12 vehicles have a clean, calming wrap design that features a background of cool green grass under a crisp blue sky with subtle white clouds.

“The design and feel says we care about the environment and energy efficiency,” the company stated in its application. “We don’t just fix HVAC equipment; we evaluate the load and ensure all elements work in unison.”

Indeed, the company recently landed a commercial job with a restaurant be- cause the owner saw one of the wrapped All Elements trucks.

The company’s VP of Business Development worked with a sign company to design the wraps, which are based on All Element’s brand-based web design.

Kinovate Heating, Cooling & indoor Air Quality

Kinovate, of Machesney Park, IL, has only one vehicle in its fleet, but that single van says a lot! The newly formed business wanted to establish its brand immediately, and so chose to adorn the back of its van with a large “Mother Nature” image holding a red K for Kinovate.

“The K is so bold and can be seen clearly from a great distance, while the Mother Nature ad is creating a connection and an emotion,” the company wrote in its Tops in Trucks application.

The design is striking and unusual for a “green” design because there is very little green — only the ivy hair and face make-up on Mother Nature. From the side, the design is a type design of gold and black that conjures up words such as “sophisticated” and “elegant.”

“It’s all about the first impression, and we feel we are making one that’s professional and memorable,” the company stated. “The feedback from our customers has been 100% positive.”

The company said that the cost of the design was less than the cost of renting a billboard for one month. It’s been a great investment according to Kinovate President Rebecca Kinison, and has surpassed the value of all other marketing and advertising.           

Tonya Vinas is a former editor of HVACR Business.


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Tops in Trucks 2012: Green Vehicles

One trend that shows no sign of ending soon is to use fleet designs that promote energy savings and environmental responsibility