Theo Etzel

Theo Etzel

 Theo is the CEO of Naples Fla.-based Conditioned Air. He is a seasoned business executive and passionate entrepreneur who believes in providing the highest level of customer care services and products to his clients. For additional information visit"

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Best Practices Make Best Companies

Beat The Competition & Avoid the Trap of Mediocrity ‘Perfect Practice Makes Perfect’

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Is Hiring a NATE-Certified Technician Important?

By hiring a NATE-certified technician, you’re assured the person caring for your customers’ systems has the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to do the job right.

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Lay a Strong Foundation With Business Ethics

Ethics and their roots have practical applications for business beyond just a statement on paper. Here is my explanation of how Conditioned Air’s core values benefit everyone involved in our …

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Warning: Turn Down the Heat

If you aren’t addressing the very real threat of burnout, your business is at risk of underperforming. Paying attention to your own feelings is very important. But watching out for …

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Is It Time For a Business Coach?

Business coaches can help to improve leadership skills, keep you moving toward goals, and provide objective advice on handling personal and business problems.

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NOW is the Best Time for Best Practices

Creating a continuous-improvement mindset will make your company more competitive today and tomorrow.

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Strategic Success

Outlining a plan and a vision of where you want to go is critical to the success of your organization. However, it is key to make it a living, breathing …

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Investing in Community

Communities everywhere have projects and needs that require support beyond what tax dollars can fund. Businesses have the opportunity to make contributions in time, resources, people and money to support …

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Survive & Thrive the Market Flux

Being proactive in the anticipation of change, being diversified in the marketplace, having courage to implement plans and leading your organization to quickly react and adapt are key elements in …

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The Ostrich Complex

Tough decisions are just that, tough. Playing the “ignore it and it’ll go away” game is disastrous. Focusing on the true kernel of the problem or dilemma usually brings it …

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The Power Of Learning

Activity is not the same as productivity. It's important to take the time to plan each task, think about how to get it done efficiently and right, and gain knowledge …

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Open Up To Open Book

Opening your books for review means opening a piece of yourself, too. If you truly want a team approach to your business where people are fully invested in the numbers, …

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Is Your Company Ready For A CFO?

Business is a game that is scored by profit and loss statements and balance sheets. A CFO ensures that the score is being kept properly and can give critical advice …

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Abundant Opportunities

Diverse backgrounds bring a rich mix of talents, attitudes, and opportunities to serve multiple markets within our greater metropolitan market.

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'Safety Bucks' Program Pays Off

Conditioned Air uses public rewards and peer pressure to improve safety and reduce costs.

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