Lisë Stewart

Lisë Stewart

Lisë Stewart is founder and director of Galliard Group, a training and consulting firm specializing in family-owned and closely-held businesses. She is a nationally recognized author and speaker who draws on her 25+ years of experience to share practical advice for ensuring sustainability of family businesses.Contact Lisë at"

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Develop Leaders in a Small Company

Once you’ve taken the time to list the important skills and the types of knowledge needed to execute your plan, move toward activities that provide your team members with multiple …

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Forget Succession Planning — Plan for Success Instead

Succession planning means planning for the long-term success of the business.

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Time for a Difficult, but Necessary Conversation

An important aspect of both business and personal planning is to explore your values concerning money, and the values of your spouse and/or business partners.

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Breathe Life Into Your Strategic Plan

A strategic plan should be a living document — with a solid foundation in the form of a clear vision for the future and short list of the core values …

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A New Way To Do Performance Evaluations

Helping people work together to improve the overall performance of the company can be a rewarding and exciting conversation. Many employees don’t really understand what is expected of them, and …

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Prepare the Next Generation

Developing and/or identifying the appropriate successors in a family-owned business can be both challenging and exciting — and, in some cases, a source of conflict and frustration. But, with proper …

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There’s No Leaning In On A Unicycle

As an independent businesswoman, running small companies and working with hundreds of businesswomen across the country, I know our experience is different. As women, we lead differently, often with the …

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Work Together to Avoid Sibling Rivalry

The team approach to management and leadership is growing in popularity and appeals to the new generation; but it also comes with a few hurdles to overcome.

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Clarify Management Roles and Expectations

The most important aspect of managing expectations is to have real conversations. Talk about the issues in a way that takes emotion out of the discussion.

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Hiring Smart

Hiring Smart! Effective Recruitment and Selection

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Your Business Prospectus

Building Value from an Investor’s Perspective

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Changing the Way We Change

The world is a busy and crazy place these days… We are inundated with messages to be leaders, to innovate, and to bring new products, services and marketable ideas to …

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The Perils of Traditional Retirement

Study after study indicates that traditional retirement (ceasing to work suddenly, devoting time to ‘leisure activities’) can have a highly negative impact on the physical and mental well-being of men, …

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Protecting the Family Business When Owners Get Divorced

The break-up of a marriage in a family-owned business can spell disaster for the business, the employees and even the community. Columnist Lisë Stewart offers six steps that can help …

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6 Steps for Increasing the Value of Your Business

Columnist Lisë Stewart offers six steps business owners can take to ensure a fair price if and when they put their business on the market.

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