David M. Dye

 David M. Dye works with leaders who want to build teams that care and get more done. He is a former executive elected official and lead trailblazer of the leadership-consulting firm Trailblaze Inc. His latest book The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say is available now at You can connect with David on Twitter @davidmdye or at "

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True Leaders Accept Responsibility

Every leader is faced with unfair, difficult circumstances at some point. That’s just life. It’s up to you to give your team guidance if you want them to be effective …

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Warning Signs of an Ineffective Leader

Leadership begins with the leader and you won’t be able to build a strong team on a weak foundation. Here are seven warning signs to determine whether assuming a leadership …

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Nurture Confidence in Your Team

Every leader is a Chief Belief Officer. When you hear people talk about leadership vision, this is ultimately what they mean. Leaders communicate possibility and potential.

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Get More Time for Your Work and More Work from Your Team

Asking good questions is critical to freeing up your own time and increasing your team’s ability to think and solve problems without you.

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