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NAVAC Launches Comprehensive Training Program for HVAC Technicians

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Originally published: 6/9/2024

NAVAC has launched a comprehensive training program, named My NAVAC University. Designed to train the next generation of HVAC technicians, NAVAC's new training initiative aims to equip technicians with knowledge and skills that transcend beyond mere tool proficiency.

As the HVAC industry faces a growing skills gap, NAVAC remains steadfast in its mission to support technicians and bridge this divide through its comprehensive training programs. By prioritizing education and skill development, NAVAC is empowering technicians to elevate their expertise and enhance quality workmanship. 

Key features of NAVAC's training program include:

    Accredited Courses: NAVAC offers NATE credits for its Evacuation and Recovery classes, ensuring technicians receive recognized certifications for their expertise.
    Energy Service Company (ESCO) Integration: ESCO is integrated into the A2L/Low GWP course, offering technicians the opportunity to earn ESCO training certificates.
    Expert Trainers: The program is proctored by NAVAC’s National Training Manager, Jesse Stewart, and Director of Customer Experience, Andrew Greaves. Both trainers have a wealth of field experience and are previous recipients of the prestigious "40 Under 40" award in the HVAC industry. Both trainers have lengthy firsthand experience in the field, ensuring a deep understanding of technicians' daily challenges and needs.
    Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including Recovery, Evacuation and A2L/Low GWP Refrigerant competence. Additionally, an upcoming tubing Masterclass session will be offered to focus on installation best practices, design considerations and more.

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