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Importance of Partnership

Originally published
Originally published: 1/8/2024

As we begin a new year, we go off the beaten path with some lesser-known podcasts and books on partnership. Business-speak over the past few years has shifted from ‘How?’ to ‘Who are you?’. So, we found four podcasts and two books that speak to the importance of partnership whether that is with your clients, your industry, or your team. Some are more philosophical, and others speak directly to strategy. Enjoy the finds.  photo  

Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential
By Brian Johnson

In Areté, Brian Johnson integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools to, as per the sub-title of the book, help you activate your Heroic potential and fulfill your destiny. If you asked the ancient stoic philosophers how to live a good life, they’d answer you in a single word: Areté. We translate Areté as “virtue” or “excellence” but the word has a deeper meaning—something closer to being your best self, moment to moment to moment. Find it here. 


The Power of We: Succeeding Through Partnerships 
Jonathan Tisch and Karl Weber

"In The Power of We, Jonathan Tisch reminds us again that working together still yields the best results. Jon has spent a lifetime mobilizing people and organizations to get a job done in business and civic service. His experience, optimism, intelligence, and common sense are reflected in this fresh look at the rewards of partnerships."
-President Bill Clinton

"Being a leader requires vision, focus, and influence. Jonathan Tisch has exhibited all three in this great body of work about what it takes to be a partner and something bigger than yourself. The Power of We is a must-read."
-Pat Riley, President, the Miami HEAT. Find it here. 


Hosted by Producer Jared Fuller & Co-Host Isaac Morehouse 

Nearbound is the fastest-growing and most effective motion in B2B SaaS today. Nearbound is the go-to-market strategy that taps into those buyers' trust at every stage of the journey for intel, intros, and influence. It impacts sales, marketing, success, and partnership teams. It’s not a department, but a strategy that overlays every department with a series of motions and tactics. Nearbound matters because buyer behavior matters. We’ve moved from the ‘How’ to the ‘Who’ economy. Find it here. 


Business Is Boring: The Spinoff
Hosted by John Simon Pound

With 369 episodes, John Simon Pound’s podcast has found a true following. Think business is boring? This podcast proves it's anything but. Join Simon Pound as he talks to everyone from accidental entrepreneurs to industry leaders about their business journeys and what propelled them to where they are today. Made in partnership with Spark Lab. Find it here. 


Howdy Partners Podcast
Hosted by Will Taylor and Ben Wright

This podcast covers the world of Strategic Alliances and tech partnerships. Join Will Taylor, Ben Wright, and Tom Burgess on the trail to green pastures and unchartered territory through raw stories and dialogue, allowing our listeners to learn and decide how strategic partnerships can drive success...whether you are a VP or a professional looking to break into the space, join us on the Howdy Partners journey. Find it here.


The Intentional Growth Podcast
Hosted by Ryan Tansom

Intentional Growth™  is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to view - and run - their company like a financial asset so they can have fun, create wealth, and make an impact. Truly make the entire journey of owning and running a company "worth it". With over 10,000 downloads per month, weekly, content-rich episodes provide you with information on how to get clear on what you want from the business and why, the way companies are valued, strategies to increase that value, and the variety of ways you can transition your role or exit your ownership. From technical episodes dissecting the inner workings of private equity and ESOPs to intense discussions with authors and thought leaders like Gino Wickman, Bo Burlingham, Dan Martell, John Warrillow, Jack Stack, and Alan Beaulieu, this podcast is full of information you need to stay competitive in today’s market. Find it here. 

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