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Viega Opens New Experience Center in NYC

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Originally published: 5/7/2023

Viega customers will have an opportunity to connect and learn new skills at the new Viega Experience Center, opening this summer in New York City. This new flagship location will serve as a centralized hub for Viega to support and connect with its east coast customers and provide opportunities to host events and meetings. The space will include meeting rooms, a custom bar, lounging areas, and a large terrace with a view of the skyline. It will also include a flex space that can be converted into a classroom and has movable workbenches to provide training space for customers. This facility has been designed to represent the applications, products, and partners within the NYC market. It gives us the ability to partner, learn, and grow together as we face the challenges in this unique and changing market.” The indoor 3,500 sq. ft. space will be equipped with 200+ Viega fittings and all Viega piping systems to show various applications and opportunities where Viega solutions can be used to improve efficiency and safety.

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