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HR Software Technology: Is It Worth the Hype?

Originally published
Originally published: 3/1/2023

HR software technology may seem like a no-brainer necessity for most business owners and contractors. However, many smaller HVACR owners still question its worthiness. So, we are posing the question. HR Software Technology - Is it worth the hype? 

In an industry in which recruiting top talent can be a challenge, the use of advanced onboarding tools, and the integration of a more efficient management system, can make all the difference. For HVACR contractors specifically, there are a handful of top HR software technology choices, that have stepped up the game to change the way HVACR contractors do business. Most of the current HR software technology options are all-in-one – combined field service and HR management in one system – and can help you solve a slew of recruitment, onboarding, training, retention, HR management, and compliance issues.

To increase productivity and remain competitive, choose from the HR software technology that focuses on communication and data management to and from the field team to your office staff.  Manual data and paper filing of applications and personnel management is a thing of the past. Many contractors choose to avoid any software investments as a way to keep the bottom line lean, and still use outdated systems. But my guess is that given a demo of the right software, even the most resistant contractor would see that that investment would likely pay for itself. If you could understand that there is a way to better leverage talent management more effectively, especially with the shortage of new technicians and the scarcity of top talent, would you be interested? HR Software Technology can make even the leanest company more competitive because it allows for the capability to streamline your day-to-day personnel operations. If you are still using an outdated system, there is a high probability that the lack of efficiency and streamlining has caused you to lose out on a great hire or two, because the application process isn’t as streamlined as it could be. HR Software Technology is an investment. But the benefits work both out in the field and internally. Just think about it as an investment that will lead to profitable streamlining.

Some of the benefits of integrating HR software technology are as follows:

Attract and HIRE the Top Candidates

When it comes to hiring the top recruits, speed and the quality of an interviewing and potential onboarding experience, matter. Just as you are assessing if a candidate is a good fit, they are comparing you to two or three other employers. Your best practice is to have software that manages vacancies, and the pool of candidates and has efficient management systems at various stages of the application process.  

HR Systems Increase Employee Retention

After you have hired top talent, this is where HR software can truly make a lasting difference – in the management and retention of your current employees. A good software choice will help your HR team deliver a quick, seamless, and highly professional experience for all your employees’ HR management needs. Most of the top HR software allows for integration between the field and the office, payroll management, core processes, procedures, and performance reviews – all of which will ultimately increase employee retention.

Payroll Efficiency & Accuracy

Storing up-to-date field service jobs and pay data in an all-in-one integrated payroll and data management system, will reduce the time it takes to do your payroll processing and increase accuracy. So not only is your team communicating in one efficient system, increasing the efficiency of the way jobs are paid out, but also HR, payroll, or financing will be subject to fewer payroll complaints or questions due to human error.

HR Software to Support Field Service Management  

HVACR operations involve many moving parts – both people and departments on-site and in the field – so creating seamless communication between all these parts while keeping the focus on customer satisfaction, can be a large undertaking for a small business owner. 

The best solution is to get HR software that integrates with field service management. The good news is that it exists, but there are better and best ways to leverage these systems. 

Most companies offer training, but making sure to do the following three steps will ensure you are off to a running start.

1.    Once you choose the software, make sure the HR or office manager creates an employee database and collates it based on skills and technician level.
2.    Create an existing customer database per service demands.
3.    Then use the data management and system integration to schedule work orders based on the right technician and matching skill set. 

If you are thinking of upgrading your HR software or adding HR software to already existing field service management software, many companies offer all-in-one options that allow for easy integration between HR management and CRM systems. 

Here are some of the top-rated ones*:

    ECi Software Solutions
    Service Fusion

Most HR software, especially the ones that work best with HVACR contractors, will allow for seamless oversight of jobs, field communication, personnel, and payroll in one system. Contractors will agree that upgrading to an easy-to-use HR software that can integrate with your field service management systems, is a best practice to compete, increase productivity, and attract the best talent in the industry. So, the answer is ‘yes’ – it is true that HR software technology although an investment, is worth the hype. 

Heather Langone is the Managing Editor of HVACR Magazine. For comments and feedback, email

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