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Interplay Learning Helps Dominium Management Services Provide a Fast, Powerful Training Ramp for Maintenance Techs

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Originally published: 2/8/2023

Interplay Learning, the scalable, effective training solution for engaging the new generation of maintenance technicians, has partnered with Dominium Management Services to offer highly effective, training solutions. Dominium is one of the nation’s leading affordable housing developers, owners, and managers, and is offering Interplay’s training solutions to its technicians of all experience levels.

With Interplay Learning’s immersive, on-demand training courses and skills assessments, Dominium is engaging its maintenance associates with life-like 3D simulations and training content designed to update and grow their technical skills in-house. Since implementing Interplay, Dominium is experiencing faster ramp times, increased internal promotions, and is developing more confident technicians. 

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