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Trane® Residential Simplifies Changing Air Filters with New Fulfillment Service

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Originally published: 8/7/2023

Trane Residential, a leading residential HVAC brand, has teamed up with FilterTime, a home air filter subscription company co-founded by NASCAR® driver Blake Koch to offer homeowners the convenience of purchasing air filters and having them delivered to their door with free shipping through Trane Filters powered by FilterTime. With the new service, customers can make a one-time purchase or sign up for an ongoing subscription by using the Trane Home app or visiting They will also have the option to set up filter reminders in the “settings” pane of their Trane Home app, and when it is time to change their filter, they will receive a reminder and a method to purchase one.

Routine air filter replacement is essential for homeowners to maintain their indoor air quality and to protect their HVAC equipment—yet many forget about this critical task. When their filters are not replaced, dirt and debris build-up can result in a series of issues like decreased airflow output that compromise their comfort and increase energy costs. 

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