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Surgically Clean Air Inc.™ Next Generation Cobalt System

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Originally published: 8/7/2023

Surgically Clean Air Inc.™ (SCA), a top provider of premium air purification solutions for medical professionals, businesses, and educational institutions, today announced the launch of its next-generation Cobalt system, a ceiling-mounted family of products that provide the highest possible air quality without taking up valuable floor space. The company’s products are currently installed in more than 45,000 dental and medical offices, and over 50,000 classrooms, as well as by Fortune 500 companies, Major League Baseball clubs, the NBA, the NHL, and thousands of other organizations.

Cobalt replaces a standard 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling tile, freeing up valuable floor space from large purification equipment. The system works automatically by using a proximity sensor to monitor occupancy, thereby cleaning air only when the space is occupied and immediately after use.

This allows the H13 HEPA filters to last a minimum of 2 years, making them extremely easy to maintain and highly energy efficient. The Cobalt also moves an unprecedented amount of air — over 1000 cfm at less than 50dB. The system also operates independently of other HVAC systems, meaning there is no interference or dependency on existing infrastructure or risk of voiding current HVAC warranties. The Cobalt is also the least expensive ceiling unit in the industry when measured by cubic feet of air cleaned @ 50dB or less.

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