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Nexterus Helps Clients with Needs for Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

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Originally published: 8/7/2023

Nexterus, a world-class supply chain management, and third-party logistics (3PL) services provider, discusses what shippers can do when their supply chains are affected by the recent events of the Canadian Port Strike and the potential UPS strike and Yellow going out of business. Many businesses aren’t prepared for the potential supply chain disruptions that can affect their bottom line if they have trouble getting raw materials or finished products through the ports or finding a carrier to move their products. Nexterus performs supply chain network designs that minimize risk and has an extensive network of quality carriers to keep products moving.   

Nexterus uses the network optimization tool Cosmic Frog from Optilogic to mitigate supply chain disruptions by designing optimal networks that minimize risk. Nexterus takes a holistic, strategic look at client supply chains to identify challenges and develop mitigating strategies to sustain companies affected by current events. 

Nexterus has helped many clients find the capacity they need to ship their products, redesigned and optimized their supply chain networks, located warehouse space, and more. 

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