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Generac Retailers Step Up During the Heatwaves

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Originally published: 8/7/2023

Air conditioning is no longer a “nice to have,” but a health-related necessity with these temperatures and poor air quality from the recent Canadian wildfires. What happens when there’s a power outage? The necessity of always-on electricity is not something we think about—until we don’t have it. The problem is, spending $10,000 or more to purchase a generator that may save lives is prohibitive for many.

Generator retailers across the country address this issue by offering monthly, affordable payment plans through the premier consumer financing company, Synchrony. By offering its customers several options of monthly, affordable payment plans through Synchrony, Generac retailers have seen financed purchases become 20% of their overall business. Roughly 80% of their customers are also familiar with Synchrony’s financing through other purchases that they’ve made previously. And customers love the convenience and virtually instantaneous credit-approval process.

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