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Copeland Optimizes Compressor Platforms for Use with A2L Refrigerants

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Originally published: 8/7/2023

Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, today announced it is optimizing its major Copeland™ air conditioning (AC) and refrigeration compressor platforms for reliable use with A2L refrigerants while improving performance.

To prepare for the imminent approval and wider adoption of A2L refrigerants, Copeland’s portfolio of next-generation A2L-optimized compression technologies includes the following recently listed refrigerants: 

        R-32 (675 GWP) and R-454B (466 GWP) for air conditioning applications; and 

        R-455A (146 GWP), R-454C (148 GWP) and R-454A (238 GWP) for refrigeration applications

Copeland has also qualified rotalock service fittings and electronic componentry for use with A2Ls, including onboard compressor protection, variable frequency drives (VFDs), contactors, and sealed relays.

To learn more about how Copeland is helping the HVACR industry transition to lower GWP refrigerants, visit our HVACR regulatory information webpage and

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