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CEO Warrior Announces Upcoming Virtual and In-Person Training Events

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Originally published: 4/10/2023

CEO Warrior, a global business mentoring, training, and coaching organization for service business owners, has announced that it will host several virtual and in-person events in April and May that are geared toward training home service dispatchers, technicians, trainers, and members of a business’ leadership team.

The world-leading consulting and training organization will kick off April with virtual training for home service dispatchers called Dispatch Warrior on April 11- 13. This seminar trains dispatchers to communicate efficiently, make fast decisions that earn revenue, and turn their busy departments into a focused force that creates happier clients and service techs.

An in-person Road Warrior event is scheduled on April 18-20 at CEO Warrior’s headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In this event, leaders will learn how to maximize their service technicians’ hidden sales skills and create an army of sales-skilled experts.

In May, CEO Warrior will host Leadership Warrior, another in-person event held at the company’s New Jersey location. This will take place on May 9-11 and focuses on helping home service owners develop their leadership mindset so they can inspire their employees and create a stronger team.

Finally, on May 23 -25, CEO Warrior will host another virtual event called Train the Trainer. This seminar will prepare your company’s trainers on how to move beyond simply teaching skills to motivate their trainees into action. 

Seminars are available to CEO Warrior members.

CEO Warrior runs a team of local and global trainers who serve a growing community of residential service business owners by providing them with resources, tools and training to help them attract more clients, grow their business and deliver a higher level of service.

Contact CEO Warrior at 732-390-3755 or via their website to join the service business growth community and attend one of their April or May events.