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Interplay Learning Announces New Online Workplace Safety Training

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Originally published: 9/1/2022

AUSTIN, Texas  Aug. 23, 2022 — Workplace safety is a top priority for companies across the globe. To help businesses keep their employees safe, Interplay Learning is releasing new workplace safety training for essential skilled trades.

This on-demand training includes new courses on Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness, Heat Stress Recognition and Prevention, Hazard Communications, Electrically Safe to Work Procedures, Hot Work, and more. With Interplay’s affordable safety training courses, companies can quickly equip their teams with the knowledge and skills to perform work safely and minimize risk.

Interplay's Safety catalog will include more than 30 hours of workplace safety training featuring short, entertaining videos that can be accessed on demand from a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The catalog also features a hands-on, 3D simulation course teaching the tasks and requirements of establishing safe work conditions when working with electricity.

Companies using Interplay can quickly deliver consistent training to their entire team and allow workers to train in their downtime. Interplay also makes it easy for companies to track compliance and comprehension using course assignments, built-in quizzes, and progress tracking.

With these new offerings, Interplay now offers one-stop-shopping for both safety training and award-winning, hands-on skilled trades training. Employees can quickly gain the knowledge to work safely while also taking advantage of a full online catalog of hands-on technical training for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Multi-Family, Facilities Maintenance, and Solar. Using short video courses, immersive 3D simulations, VR, knowledge checks, and coaching, Interplay can rapidly train and upskill workers for increased productivity.

Interplay’s safety training will help prepare workers to identify and avoid potential hazards, equipping them with the skills to handle situations effectively and giving employers increased confidence that their workforce is ready to take on jobs safely and effectively.