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Poppy Health Releases Results from Pilot with Primary.Health on Indoor Air Safety Monitoring for Schools

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Originally published: 10/1/2022

Poppy Health, providers of advanced Air Monitoring system for indoor air safety, announced the completion of an pilot project in partnership with Primary.Health, a provider of software and services for large-scale testing and vaccinations, to test indoor air at California schools. During the pilot, Poppy’s Air Monitoring System was deployed by Primary. Health across four schools in the Bay Area over five weeks. The goal of the pilot was to leverage indoor health data gathered by the Poppy system to determine if existing COVID-19 testing protocols were efficient in mitigating the spread of the illness in schools. Results from the pilot show the potential for classrooms to be safer for students and educators if ventilation performance is measured, indoor air safety is appropriately monitored, and corrective measures are taken based on the actionable insights delivered by the Poppy system.The Poppy system used in the pilot provides quantitative air clearance data and diagnostic scanning to reveal how virus particles move through the air in each room, exposing hotspots and transmission pathways that pose a great risk.