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New Monthly Live Show for Plumbing Professionals

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Originally published: 3/7/2022

A. O. Smith, a leader in water heater manufacturing, announces the launch of In Our Element, a monthly live talk show. It will be hosted by Senior Technical Trainer, Jerry Winslett, and will offer news from A. O. Smith, as well as service tips, industry topics, answers to common product questions, and much more.

“This show will help us connect with our customers in a new way,” said Winslett. “By providing additional opportunities to expand their knowledge of A. O. Smith products and important industry topics, we’re hoping the show will help them make more informed decisions out in the field.”

“We’re constantly striving to find new ways to further develop the relationships we have with our customers – especially in a digital format – and we hope this show will do just that,” said Winslett.

Each episode will run roughly 30 minutes and will feature a new topic and guest star. Topics will include industry news, product launches, resources and more. The second episode will run on Friday, March 25 at 1 p.m. CST, and will feature A. O. Smith Technical Trainer, Kenneth Ezzell, who will highlight A. O. Smith University.

Visit the A. O. Smith YouTube page and subscribe to the channel to be notified of future shows and view other content.