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HSB & HELIXintel

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Originally published: 6/6/2022

HARTFORD, Conn.—June 2022 Specialty insurer HSB has teamed up with HELIXintel offering a one-stop online maintenance platform for businesses and other organizations to service critical building equipment from air conditioning and refrigeration to lighting and heating systems, the company said today. The HELIXintel digital platform helps customers manage their maintenance records and automates the process of sourcing and scheduling service from authorized providers for heating and cooling equipment, roofing, lighting systems, and other key assets.

It will be available to HSB equipment breakdown insurance policyholders and customers of Sensor Solutions by HSB, which provides Internet of Things technology services.

In today’s tough economy, “it’s a challenge for businesses to keep up with equipment maintenance.” said Greg Barats, president and chief executive officer of HSB, part of Munich Re. “We’ve made it simple to choose the right maintenance provider, order replacement parts, and get service from experienced dealers. It saves our clients time and money, so they can focus on growing their businesses.”

The HELIXintel network connects building operators with manufacturers and suppliers nationwide to give clients the best price and quality for parts and services. Customers will get a seamless connection with service providers, can take advantage of rebates and credits without doing the legwork, and may reduce supply chain delays with direct access to manufacturers for ordering equipment and parts. Since every organization is different, the platform pairs customers with the best maintenance plans for their equipment and delivers bids from contractors.

Once clients log on to a secure website or app using any digital device, they can catalog, track, and maintain unlimited equipment, supplies, and inventory, across multiple locations.

The HELIXintel equipment maintenance solution is available exclusively through HSB in the commercial insurance market.

For more information about the HELIXintel maintenance platform for HSB policyholders, visit or visit