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Originally published: 7/1/2022
By Emma Davies-Carolan

How to Attract (and Keep) Top HVAC Talent
By Emma Davies-Carolan, Director of Marketing at ECI Software Solutions

5 Ways to Make Your Company a Magnet for Skilled Workers

We have been facing hiring challenges in the HVAC industry for years, but today’s volatile market has brought it to a new level. Construction seems to be happening all around us, whether it’s a new or renovation project. The surge in work-from-home jobs and government stimulus checks is driving more people to invest in their homes than ever before. This increased demand, coupled with the “great resignation” in all industries is causing a perfect storm in hiring and retention.

The most important question is -what can you do to attract and retain valuable workers? Here are a few strategies to build an engaged and committed workforce.

Streamline The Hiring Process

Skilled workers are being scooped up as soon as they hit the market. It’s imperative to create an application and hiring process that is convenient and quick, shortening the waiting period between application and job offer. According to Appcast, 92 percent of people never fully complete the application process, so make sure your process is mobile-friendly and requires only a few steps.

Want to see how your process compares to your competitors'? Have a third-party test it to determine if your time-to-hire is causing you to lose top talent.

Invest In Your Team’s Professional Growth

While every generation values professional development, Millennials and Gen Z workers prioritize developing their skills more than their predecessors. They know that their futures depend on employers who invest in them and plan for their growth. This means when they feel their company’s not investing in their growth, they begin to look for better opportunities.

It may not take much to implement upskilling or reskilling training for your team. Your vendors and allied organizations are a great source to ask about online or in-person training and webinars Designating training days throughout the year will go a long way in helping your team members feel valued. As well, you can apply these newfound skills to your service portfolio.

Make Technology Work For You

Outdated, paper-based processes or technology can leave your team members feeling frustrated and unmotivated. To attract and keep top talent, you need to use the most up-to-date processes and platforms to run your business. Provide a working environment where your team never has to waste time manually calculating job costs or watching the spinning wheel as they wait to add customer notes.

More HVAC companies are migrating towards all-in-one business management software like ThermoGrid. This platform brings all general business and HVAC-specific functionality into one solution. This helps to minimize juggling various systems, whether they’re software or manual. Additionally, our smart dispatching technology helps you automatically match the right technician with the right job, optimizing your workforce and their value.

While free time may be rare right now, it’s important to carve out time to establish a hiring process that not only attracts skilled workers but keeps them engaged. Make sure your hiring process is convenient, your team’s development is a constant priority, and you’re using modern technology to make you, and your employees’ lives easier.

After all, word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your workforce. It just might be what gives you the edge over your competition.

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