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The Geo Home in Houston: A Sustainable Home That Provides Consistent Comfort

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Originally published: 12/2/2022

Geo is a net-positive energy home built for health, safety, and a sustainable, nature-inspired living experience. Designed by GIGA Construction (Austin, Texas), Geo is the first project in the Houston 610 loop to pair a Tesla solar roof with battery backup for electrical grid independence. 

The solar-powered residence keeps energy requirements low with an airtight envelope, insulation, LED lighting, and highly efficient appliances.

Project insights include healthy, sustainable homes with no gas lines in the main envelope and variable-capacity heat pumps for air conditioning and gas-free heating as well as INVERTER-driven compressors for minimal electrical usage. Consumers can expect improved, continuous fan movement for steady indoor temperatures and three individually controlled comfort zones. Additional features include quiet operation and air filtration. Heat pumps and appliances can operate off-grid for 4+ days at moderate electrical usage.