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Danfoss Whitepaper Highlights Gap Between Energy Demand and Supply

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Originally published: 12/1/2022

Danfoss kicks off COP27 by highlighting the urgent action to address the growing energy demand. A new whitepaper from Danfoss highlights the dramatic increase in global demand for energy and argues that, without urgent action to curb energy demand, the build-out of renewables will be insufficient to meet the needs of a growing population. The whitepaper, titled ‘The neglected demand side of the green equation’, delves into the details of how energy efficiency is an enabler of electrification. To reach net zero, experts agree that we must substitute fossil energy with renewable sources and electrify everything across all sectors.

According to the President & CEO of Danfoss, Kim Fausing, this whitepaper underlines the urgent need for climate leaders to include energy efficiency measures and electrification in their COP27 plans.

‘The neglected demand side of the green equation’ is available for download at