Be More Persuasive and Influential

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Originally published: 1/1/2018

It's important for a leader to be persuasive and influential to maximize the potential that their company possesses. Being a persuasive leader allows that leader to get the employees to understand the leader’s commitment to the success of the business, the success of the employees and the leader’s individual success creating a win-win-win scenario.

Being an influential leader allows you to have a profound impact on your business, customers, and employees. Individuals readily come to you for advice and feel comfortable sharing their opinions with you. The question is how you can become more persuasive and influential.

Create and Share Vision

It is important for the employees in your organization to know where the company is headed. Therefore it is critical that you share your vision for the future with the organization. As you share your vision take the time to insure that all employees understand their role in making that vision a reality.

This will lead to joint ownership of the vision, a culture of open communication, and growth of employees throughout the organization. The result is your company becomes one of the best places to work.


Open and honest communications has a profound effect on helping you become more persuasive and influential. It makes employees proud to work for your organization because they know exactly what is going on in the company. There are no secrets. It also shows employees that the work that they do is meaningful in the company accomplishing the mission.

They can make a connection between their hard work and the results of their department and ultimately the company. Influential leaders are able to discover and magnify the strengths of their employees.  Knowing the strength of your employees allows you to assemble and organize a strong team.


The culture of an organization is very paramount to that business being successful. The persuasive and influential leader understands the importance of having a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices.  This leader develops the business skills of the team.

The leader employs a dedicated team and equips the team with the right process. This promotes a desired culture and creates business value. The leader is happy, the employees are engaged, and the business flourishes.

Employee Growth

One of the items at the top of the persuasive and influential leaders list is employee development. This type of leader realizes that employees are the lifeblood of the business. The employees are assessed on a regular basis. This allows the leader to engage the commitment of the employee and provide the proper tools and training that best suits the employee.

The employees also do regular assessments of the organization which gives them input into how the company is being run and how they are being treated. The giving and receiving of feedback by both parties is valuable in insuring mutual respect from the leadership and the employees.

Game Plan

The game plan is pretty straight forward:

  1. Share Your Vision
  2. Openly Communicate
  3. Develop Your Culture
  4. Grow Your Employees

This will help you become a more persuasive and influential leader. You, your company, and your employees will be better because of these actions. The result is the ability to maximize your full potential.



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