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Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest


The Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest is our annual salute to outstanding fleet vehicle advertising and graphic design. Visibility goes a long way toward keeping your company top of mind, and there’s no better way to market your company than through your fleet of vehicles.

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20 Questions with Past Winners:


Carmine Galletta

Carmine Galletta, owner of GallettAir in Long Island, N.Y., was the very first winner of the Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest. He discusses fleet design, business, family and what's changed since 2007.

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Bill Stueber

Bill Stueber, owner of Blue Ridge Heating and Cooling in Pine Beach, N.J., discusses the challenges of finding good people, updating the company brand and transitioning the business to his daughter.

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Konrad Rybak

Konrad, owner of Air Blue Heating and Cooling in Wheeling, Ill., discusses his company’s mission to be customer oriented, plans for growth and what he looks for in a supplier partner.

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Winston Hancock

Winston Hancock discusses Ashland, Va.-based Gilman Heating & Cooling's long history, the need to transition marketing to a professional firm and the importance of training and education.

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Peter Hungate

Peter Hungate, owner of Pacific Air Systems in Tacoma, WA, discusses business processes, ordering fleet vehicles, mentors, customer service and giving up company control in order to grow.

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John and Jeff Churchill

John and Jeff Churchill, the father-and-son team running ServiceOne in Omaha, Neb. discuss strategy, marketing, add-on acquisitions and competition in their market.

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Joe Timo

Joe Timo, founder of Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating in Palm Springs, discusses branding, search-engine optimization and the unusually humid desert summer.

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Wesley Holm

Wesley Holm, owner of Thompson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Cincinnati, discusses his company’s fleet-marketing strategy, exceptional customer service and how to write six blogs a week.

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Gary Ward

Gary Ward, owner of Gary’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. in Amarillo, Texas, discusses training, fleet design and the relentless Texas heat.

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Drew Timm

Drew Timm, owner of Sun Services Air Conditioning-Heating Inc., Fountain Hills, Ariz., discusses muscle cars, meeting customers in hot tubs and lessons learned from owning a small business.

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Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt, president of Frederick Air, Inc. in Frederick, Md., discusses Edvard Munch, marketing budgets, and Home Performance Contracting.

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Wayne G. Beck

Wayne Beck, owner of Newbury Park, Calif.-based Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating Inc., discusses service fleets, marketing, current market conditions and opening the proverbial and literal can of worms.

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Carmine Galletta

Carmine Galletta of GallettAir Inc., Long Island, N.Y., discusses the value of well-planned fleet programs, car collections, restaurants and service contracts.

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Jason Stom

Jason Stom, president and CEO of Clear the Air Cooling & Heating in Friendswood, Texas discusses his company’s history, his father’s legacy and the importance of enjoying what you do.

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