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ZoomLock MAX Refrigerant Fittings

Originally published: 05.01.21 by HVACR Business Staff

ZoomLock MAX Refrigerant Fittings

Connect copper in seconds—improves profitability for today’s HVACR companies


HVACR contractors and technicians have had to rely on brazing to join copper tubing and fittings for refrigerant lines. But brazing requires highly trained, highly paid technicians; fire permits; fire spotters; brazing tools and gases; nitrogen purging; and more.

That is until Parker launched the perfect solution—and then improved on it—solutions that increase both productivity and safety. Parker Sporlan introduced the original ZoomLock braze-free, connectingprocess based on crimping technology. A technician only needed two hands and a few simple tools. With no need for brazing, joining refrigerant lines takes practically no time at all—one technician can do the connecting job alone.

Now we’re introducing ZoomLock MAX refrigerant fittings made from hard, robust refrigerant grade copper. With ZoomLock MAX, there are jaws available for most standard and compact crimping tools. They come in hermetically sealed packaging for maximum cleanliness, says Joe Freese, ZoomLock MAX product manager. We have 60+ sales and applications professionals in the field to support the product that comes with a 10-year warranty, he added.

We interviewed Derek Dimiceli, Vice President from North Mechanical Services of Indiana. North Mechanical is a full-service turn-key mechanical system solutions provider and a member of MCAA.

North Mechanical designs and maintains diverse systems for many of Indiana’s most prominent landmarks for nearly 40 years. Those landmarks include the Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Anthem, Franciscan Health, Roche Diagnostics, Indiana University, Nestle’s, Duke Energy, Chrysler Corporation, Purdue University, The Palladium, Covance Labs, Georgia Pacific, Steel Dynamics, and WXIN.

As a single-source mechanical and controls provider North Mechanical is committed to giving honest, proven solutions and offers 24-hour emergency service, custom-tailored maintenance programs, and support on all building automation systems, including programming, coaching, monitoring, upgrade migration planning, and technical troubleshooting.

Derek Dimiceli, North Mechanical Services, Vice President of Service

Derek started his career with North Mechanical as a service apprentice 18 years ago. He worked his way up to Journeyman, Service Manager, Director of Service, and is now Vice President of Service. Derek answered a few questions about their switch to ZoomLock MAX for their current jobs.

Why were you interested in introducing ZoomLock MAX to your field service techs?

We see a lack of overall experience in the industry when it comes to installing refrigeration piping. Zoomlock MAX created a clean piping system that can be installed without debris. The system allows the pipe to be properly prepared and assembled in a much more time-efficient manner.

Has ZoomLock MAX saved your crew’s time?

Yes, we’ve found significant savings with ZoomLock MAX. We cut labor in half. No nitrogen purge needed because there is no flame.

What was your experience like working with Parker?

We found working with Parker very enjoyable. Response times were very quick, not only for the material but also for getting the tools converted and on the job sites quickly and without issue. Parker has been an amazing partner and resource for North Mechanical Services.

What has pleased you the most about ZoomLock MAX?

We were pleased with the quality of the product and how prepared Parker was to get this complete system in our hands.

What differences did you notice in working with ZoomLock MAX versus the original ZoomLock products?

The fittings are shorter in length, making installation simple and more compact. The jaws line up easier with less chance of user error. They go right over the o-ring.

What would be other benefits you have found working with ZoomLock MAX?

Three things, really. The first is that the complete time on the job has been reduced. The second is due to the speed that you can make a joint, and the third is that the system removes the chance to create debris inside the pipe if the proper purging doesn’t occur.

What would you say to anyone considering buying ZoomLock MAX?

Buy it NOW!! Believe in Parker ZoomLock Max for providing innovative solutions that are superior to other solutions.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We are all looking for ways to provide the client with a trouble-free refrigeration system, and ZoomLock MAX has given North Mechanical an “easy button” for refrigeration piping. Thank You!


Changing out equipment got more accessible and more efficient with ZoomLock MAX press-to-connect refrigerant fittings. Visit


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